1. Choosing which package. TSI All, Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3. The parts are the TSI ALL broken up into 3 different parts. But purchasing only the advance part will not help you or just one other part. The learning is designed for ALL parts. If you needed a payment plan, part 1-3 is for this purpose.
  2. There are only 20 problems on the test. 
  3. But if you fail during the first 20, it starts over and adds 43 more problems.
  4. Failing the TSI can place you in one of two mandatory remedial classes. There use to be 3 remedial classes.
  5. Taking too many remedial classes can affect your financial aid. This includes retakes of remedial classes.
  6. Passing with a math score of 350, it will skip you to a college level math course.
  7. If you are 1-2 points from the score 350, you might be able to ask for a special exemption.
  8. NO graphic calculators. Most people fail the TSI because they only know the algebra with graphic calculator. This online course teaches you how to do the math without the calculator ...step by step.
  9. You do not have to take all 3 parts of test in one day... unless your high school is administering it.
  10. A person has up to 13 days to take all 3 parts of the TSI assessment. Ask the university or college.
  11. You can request to just take the math section.
  12. You can take the TSI as often as you want for a fee each time.
  13. In this online course, we focus on the first 20 type problems.
  14. The TSI is Algebra 1 & Algebra 2.
  15. With this course, if you have not taken algebra 2, you can still pass. If it has been years ago, you can still pass. 
  16. Best results of this course. Watch every video, practice the practice problems and take the test within the first 4 days of completion this course.  
  17. C MATH is EASY is the only successful TSI Workshop and Online course available.
  18. As of January 2020, we finished our TSI Math Workbook revisions and uodates. Check it out- Click.
  19. Enroll today- Click.